Social Media Services

Brands generally want to push their stories to consumers. They forget that communication is a two way process and consumers do have the option of turning off the newsfeed permanently on them.

At Lathesis™ we build conversations between brands and their consumers in a dynamic way. We make our clients connect with people’s passion. Rather than devising content around social media platforms, we strategize around people’s emotions and passions.

From brand activation to nurturing brands, we help them in creating more meaningful presence within their social media community. Lathesis™ helps brands manage their campaigns successfully over social channels by creating content that is not only platform centric but involves the audiences as protagonists rather than mere spectators.

social media service

Lathesis™ offers premium listening services where no conversation is left out. Brand conversations are tracked and segmented into meaningful observations which in turn helps the marketing team design better campaigns. Our analyst helps you define the data points which matter the most to measure effectiveness of particular campaigns. Our team identifies crucial key influencers that would spread the WOM quicker than rest of the community.

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We at Lathesis™ help brands target the right audience, but our team also researches the right network for delivery of the content which includes influential marketers, YouTube videos, Facebook and Twitter targeted campaigns, reaching out to professional audience through LinkedIn.